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Global Scale:

Global scalability can be expensive and drain valuable resources from learning budgets.  We can help!  Using our platforms and your people we can globally scale any of our training programs.  Instead of paying recurring travel, materials printing and trainer costs, we can work with your people and train them - to train.  

The Way Global Scale Works:

  • Selection and tailoring of the training platform(s)

  • Hand selected individuals, from your organization, attend a multi-day training camp in-room or virtually

    • Global Scale (GS) facilitators from your organization participate in a public speaking/public facilitation intensive

    • Global Scale (GS) facilitators from your organization learn the proposed training program(s) and strategies for facilitation

  • WHOLE Training Solutions works with your GS facilitators through the one year of certification to resource, hold accountable, and continue equipping your GS facilitator(s).

  • Each year, your GS facilitator(s) undergo a recertification process.

In House Training Designed:

Do you have curriculum but need help rolling out globally?  We can partner with you for success.  Through our Global Scale strategy and numerous relationships with professional facilitators, we can work with you to achieve success. Complete the Send Us a Message form under the Contact Us tab.

Global Scale

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