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Dr. John Jackson

Associate Painter:

Recommended Leadership Authority

Dr. John Jackson serves as the President of William Jessup University, a distinguished Christ Centered University in Northern California, twenty miles from the State Capitol of Sacramento. In his time as President, William Jessup has seen unbelievable growth.  He has served in Pastoral Ministry, Non Profit, Leadership, Consulting with Business and Ministry Leaders, and as a Speaker and Author for more than thirty years.  John has authored six books including Leveraging Your Leadership Style and Leveraging Your Communication Style, books used by WHOLE Training Solutions Institute.

John serves the WTSI team as a recommended leadership coach.  His forthright and caring spirit has assisted hundreds of leaders overcome obstacles both personally and professionally.  In addition, John is trained in the WHOLE Approach "Colors of Life" emotional intelligence testing and training.

John resides with his wife Pamela in Northern California.  He and Pamela have five children, three son-in-laws, and a dog.

Dr. Jackson, John, enriches every life he touches. His wealth of knowledge, insight, and transparency is astounding.  Not only do I consider John a dear friend, I consider him a leader of leaders.

-Jer, WHOLE Training Solutions Institute

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