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Michael Schwarting

Lead Painter:

Team Trust/Leadership/Internal Communications

Michael Schwarting is the Founder of America Strong Events. Following his retirement of more than 20 years as an operator within the Special Forces community (SEAL), Michael has excelled at creating events that service families, corporations and defense entities for more than 10 years.

While serving the Hampton Roads community and running an athletic event company, Michael saw a void in the area of event specialty when it came to full service companies that support families, government and businesses alike.

Michael launched America Strong Events to be able to provide the world-class event services that our high-class Virginia residents, corporations and government organizations seek.

Michael is a member of a variety of entrepreneurial organizations including 1 Million Cups, Hatch, and is an ambassador to BNI-SEVA (South Eastern Virginia). Michael holds an MBA from Regent University in International Business.

Michael lives in Virginia Beach.

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