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Jeremy (Jer) Dunlap

WHOLE TSI Visioneer,

Lead Painter:  Training Development

Presenter, Certified Campfire Methodology

A sought after communicator, Jeremy Dunlap (Jer) brings nearly two decades of speaking experience to the stage.  His humor, storytelling, and driven points have made him a popular business world speaker with a client list that includes Gulfstream, Texas Instruments, BP/Castrol, SABIC, Under Armour, NASA, Dell, AT&T, Honeywell, Century Link, and Panasonic.


He has designed and assisted in designing training courses for numerous companies. With a focus on classroom involvement, gamification, and engaging (often humorous) teaching Jer sets and meets learning objectives.  In some courses, participants are video recorded and coached.

In addition he has proudly served as a speaker/trainer for four branches of the military including both regular and irregular warfare.


A youth event speaker, Dunlap has engaged audiences ranging in size from three to thousands from Connecticut to Hawaii. Jer holds numerous accolades and endorsements.


Among other writing credits, Jer is the author of the book “DANNY: The Virtues Within.”


Jeremy Dunlap resides with his wife and two daughters in their beautiful home state of West Virginia.

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Jer Dunlap is a consummate professional that delivers results.  While on active duty, we employed him to help train our senior Special Operators.  The courses in Advanced Negotiation Strategies were instrumental in providing critical skill sets that augmented our contributions to deployed SPECOPS forces; especially while conducting Foreign Internal Defense and Cultural Engagements overseas.  His technical instruction and dedication to his craft really resonates with his students and he has my highest respect.   


-Aries Lynch, USN SEAL (Ret.)

Jer Dunlap brings a fresh approach to training and public speaking. Jer speaks with conviction, compassion and authenticity, weaving his personal stories throughout to both engage and inspire his audience


-Navia Sharma

Director, Sales Force Development




-United States Marine Corp IPAC

Jer is able to engage an audience to maximize the learning experience.  He consistently delivers world class results.


-Jody Davis

Senior Director BCI/CCI

Jer is a man of words; his words, The Word, and many words of wisdom.  He can breathe life into a story and make you laugh then zing you with the moral of the tale.  His speaking is beyond engaging - it grabs you and holds you, molds you and then makes you want more.


-Chuck Tommey

Business Development Manager

A&E Engineering

It was incredible how closely he listened to our needs and used the information to create an effective learning experience that gave so many of our Employees clarity on items that we have been working on for so many years, without achieving the level of success we desired.There is no doubt that Jer’s ability to be personable while professional gave us the focus and desired outcome we needed as a business.


-Carly Fielding

Fielding Dental Health Care

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